Prowder Coating Provides.


Colour Coatings offers a wide range of colours, superior corrosion resistance properties, can be applied to most metals, is enviromentally friendy. "GREEN", can be applied to most metals and is every durable.


Choices of finishes consist of:

- Satin

- Matt

- Ripple

- Texture

- Standard Colours

- Fluo Colours

- Many Special Colours and affects


We are constantly improving different finishes year after year.


Some Products Powder Coated are:

- Garnden Furniture

- Mag Wheels

- Bike Restroration

- Motor Vehicle Parts

- Hand Rails

- Fences

- Fire Places

- Many More



The Through Process.

Colour Coatings offers its customers a complete service of removal, refurbishing, and re-fitting of their items. Ensuring that the job is done thoroughly and to the highest stanard.


To ensure the best possible long lasting finish, projects undergo a multi stage operation that includes a combination of the following processes.


Paint Stripping - of existing coats of paint or powder finishes

Weld and Repairing - any damaged items can be repaired

Sand / Shot Blasted - Remove any rust and imperfections in the metal

Wet Wash - to remove dirt / grease and loose paint

Zinc Premier - An undercoat to ensure long lasting especially near coastal areas

Powder Coat - to the colour and finish of your choice

Clear Coat - to provide a glossy coat and offers additional procetion to your items


Types of Powder Coatings.

A comprehensive variety of powder types are available to suit your needs depending on your product, its material and final installation / usage enviroment.


Colour Coatings can use EPOXY and POLYESTER Powder types that are applicatble to each customers requirements.


EPOXY is anticorrosive and has a superior durablity. It is generally applied to office and domestic furniture, industrial machinces, industrial racking, electronic / electrical components.


POLYESTER is also anti-corrosive and has gloss retention properties. It is generally applied to outdoor furniture, architectural aluminium, galvanised items ( fences / gates / handrails and balustrades ).