Colour Coatings prides its business on supplying top Quality Powder Coating to the customers jobs, In the Commerical side of the business the company employees understand the how product once coated is delivered to the end customer and prides themselves in ensuring the product is in excellant condition at all times. In the Domestic our staff take pride in each job as it would be theirs as the customers want their presonal jobs looked after.

Powder Coating - Commerical and Domestic. Colour Coatings offers its customers a complete service of removal refurbishing and re-fitting of their items. Ensuring that the job is done throughly and to the highest standard.


Fabrication. Colour Coatings also can offer any forms of Frabrication in metal work with it's wild range of experince, offering Laser Cutting / Turret Punching / Bending and Welding.



Sand Blasting & Paint Stripping. Colour Coatings also can offer Sand Blasting and Paint Stipping to ensure the jobs are back to the base metal to ensure a excellant coating finish.